Widening Irwin Road will not Solve the Traffic Mess in CBD
R.Chandra Prakash
Mysore Grahakara Parishat [MGP] Crux of the Problem

Irwin Road is to be widened to accommodate the heavy vehicular traffic which is increasing by hours. The million dollar question that arises is – Why is the vehicular traffic getting heavier by the day? And a corollary to that – Will such widening solve the problem for ever?

  1. Every day more than 25 trains arrive and leave the railway station. They dislodging more than 35,000 passenger on to Babu Jagajivan Ram Circle and no less than that number arrive at this circle to embark the trains.
  2. Substantial portion of this passenger population moves towards the Suburban and City Bus stations through Irwin road and Sayyaji Rao road. Equal number, if not more, traverse by different means of transport from these bus stations to the Railway station on these two roads.
  3. Over the period every new extension has developed its own shopping complexes and not dependent on the old shopping complexes situated in the CBD. And therefore, the location of Devaraja Market, Hospital complex and shops in CBD cannot be the main cause to the traffic problem at the city centre.
  4. Therefore, the triangle of City Railway Station – Suburban Bus Station and the City Bus Station constitutes the crux of the problem of heavy vehicular traffic in the city centre.

Real Solutions

  1. Steps to reduce passenger load on the City Railway Station by :
    • Developing Naganahalli station as a stop for Mysore bound Bengaluru trains.
    • Similarly, develop Brindavan / Metagalli stations to give a stop for trains arriving on Arasikere direction.
    • All the trains arriving at City Railway Station should be extended up to Chamrajapuram station which will facilitate the passengers headed towards Kevempu Nagar and other extensions in south and south west of the city
    • Now that the Kadakola is being developed as a large railway yard all the trains heading to and starting from Mysuru should be stopped and started from this station
  2. Shift the Suburban Bus Station to newly built facility on the Ring Road near Narayana Hridalaya.
  3. Other new facilities developed by the KSRTC on southern and western side of the Ring Road should be
  4. City Bus Station should be shifted out and a new routing pattern which optimizes the productivity of each bus should be evolved.
  5. By rotation busy commercial roads within the CBD should be declared as NO VEHICLES zone at least one or two days in a week.
  6. Parking should be chargeable service which would dissuade casual movement into the city.
  7. Proper use of the available road network within the city by demarcating some of them as One Way, and scientifically linking the mobility of the vehicle such that there is a free flow of traffic.
  8. Widening of Irwin Road alone will not solve the traffic problem. Solutions to the root cause for this problem, as explained above alone can save city from chaos in the city centre.