23 May 2019

Star of Mysore

Yaduveer attributes it to city’s planning by Wadiyars

Mysore: “In today’s world health has become an international issue and hence each and everyone should maintain good health and only then can a nation and society be healthy,” said scion of Mysore royal family Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar.

He was speaking after releasing the book ‘Health Education, A guide to promote wellness in children,’ authored by Dr. B.R. Pai, promoter of Health and Wellness, at an event organised by Vijay Foundation and Heartfulness Education Trust, Mysore at Rotary Centre, JLB Road, here yesterday.

The Wadiyars planned and built the city keeping in mind health of citizens and hence, when compared to other areas, Mysureans are healthier, he said.

“It is a welcome sign that Dr. Pai has written the book on health education. This book covers exercise, yoga, meditation, food habits and other health related issues which will help children become mentally and physically strong. Such socially relevant works will always have the backing of the royal family,” he said.

Mysuru Grahakara Parishat (MGP) founder Dr. Bhamy V. Shenoy, who spoke about the book, said that a majority of people do not have concern about their health. Only when it deteriorates then they start thinking about it and this is the tragedy. “The environment we live in impacts our health and most of the people are not aware of this. This 96-page book by Dr. Pai has described in detail about health and the children must be asked to read it,” he opined.

Everyone should be aware of clean air, proper food and good environment. If people neglect them, then they will become victims of various health problems. Hence, everyone should be taught health education and lead a healthy life, he said.

Aditya Adhikari Hospital Managing Director Dr. N. Chandrashekar said after reading ‘Health Education’, one should learn and try to implement the habits in their daily lives. Parents should also teach children about the importance of health, he advised.

Author Dr. Pai said that these days, children, youth, men and women are becoming prone to depression. The main reason for this is the change in lifestyle and mental pressure. Hence, not only must one read about books on health but also try to follow the suggestions in their daily lives, he said.

Heartfulness Education Trust Zone Co-ordinator K. Madhusudhan and others were present.