MCC is mandated to implement laws to ensure a descent civic system and to facilitate its citizens to live comfortable life. For doing this it is bestowed with powers to implement these laws. Further, the courts, from the lowest level to the Supreme Court, have also passed judgments which further empower the civic authorities to strictly implement these laws.
Preservation of Foot Path to facilitate the pedestrians to have a safe and unhindered walk in performance of their daily duties is one such example. And the second one is preservation of Parks. Unfortunately, MCC has itself become the violators of known laws and the court judgments in both these cases. Here are two examples to prove this point.
Constructing Cycle Bay on Foot Path
The road leading from the VV Puram Police station to Gokulam Extensions has wide footpaths on either side. Now a Cycle Bay, a new fancy development project of the MCC, is being constructed between the entrance of Vontikoppal Club and the Bus Shelter. [Photo]. As can be seen hardly any space is left for the pedestrians or even the bus users.
The corner abutting the VV Puram Police station is fully occupied by vehicles parked by the police, for whatever the reasons. The space between the Traffic Police Station and the Vontikoppal Club is occupied by the vehicles of club members. In nutshell, no space is left for the pedestrians to walk on between the corner of the police station and the bus shelter.
Is MCC justified in violating the prevalent laws and the court judgments in occupying the pedestrians walk path? On the contrary it is duty bound to remove all such obstructions.

There is Parks, Reserves and Playgrounds Act which mandates that areas so declared cannot be used for other than the purpose for which they are so meant. On KRS road MCC built a park at huge cost. Now it is building a public toilet at the corner of this park and by knocking down its boundary fence [Photo]. Interestingly, there is no known users of this toilet as it is in a deserted place. However, there is a Hanuman temple which has emerged over a decade serving mainly the marriage ceremonies occurring once in a while in the nearby chowltry. Despite supreme court directions, and several letters in the Newspaper columns against this illegal temple MCC has not taken any step to remove it. On the contrary the temple has expanded it illegal foot path occupation over the period. There is every reason to believe that the public toilet built abutting this temple and by illegally occupying the park area MCC is only supporting this illegal Hanuman temple to grow further.

Mysore Grahakara Parishat [MGP] implores upon the Commissioner, MCC to remove such illegal constructions and to set proper examples to the public. If not, how will the MCC have the moral authority to take action against the illegal constructions and violation of laws by the private citizens?