Dates  Written By  Topic
18 Dec 2016  Dr. Shrinath  on abuse of drugs
19 Dec 2016  Mrs. Uma Shenoi  on Food adulteration
20 Dec 2016  Mr. Janakiraman & Mr. Ramanath  on Traffic Rules
21 Dec 2016  Gen. Vombatkere  Given
22 Dec 2016   Col. Mahendra Babu  Safety measures while using online money transactions
23 Dec 2016  Dr. Bamby shenoi  Consumer Movement
24 Dec 2016  Mr. Chandra Prakash

 To be given

(Dr. Shrinath and Gee Vombatkere have already forwarded their articles. Thank you both for your articles and time pls.

There is an important aspect which was left out, the restriction on the article length to be within 1200 words)